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Dance Party! Aug. 4th, 2010 @ 06:47 pm
Prop 8 in California got overturned.

As a former resident of California, and a current resident of Massachusetts (where it's been legal for 5 years, and we have the lowest divorce rate in the country), I say....

Art theft in progrress..... Aug. 1st, 2010 @ 04:15 pm
Alright folks, particularly those of you in the Doctor Who fandom, I need some help.

A quick eyed fan alerted me to a piece of art uploaded to dA that was pretty much a direct trace of my chibi-kiss artwork (See icon). I saw it, and promptly reported it, and dA got off their lazy asses and actually removed the artwork within a few hours.

The problem is, there's at least two other Doctor Who artworks she's uploaded that look very, VERY familiar.

Can you guys help me track down the originals?

The gallery: http://shadowsinthewind.deviantart.com/gallery/

EDIT: Now just need this Kitty!Tenth Doctor identified: http://shadowsinthewind.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2uwsx4

What is wrong with kids today?!?

Tipsy sketches. Jul. 16th, 2010 @ 11:56 pm

Wanted to try my hand at drawing women that I fully admit I rarely drew in an effort to push myself, brush up my critical observation skills, and do some mental cleansing.

Full disclosure, I've had two Jack roses back to back with no food.

Also, I tried to draw Matt Smith, but failed miserably. He keeps coming out looking like Tucker Carlson.

The Corpse Flower Jul. 16th, 2010 @ 11:01 am
Occasionally, my job lets me see things that are truly amazing.

The Museum That Cannot Be Named, as some of you might know, is the public front for three research museums here, including one for plant study. The botanical labs house some pretty unique specimens, and one rare one, the Titan Arum (more commonly known as the corpse flower), decided to bloom earlier this week.

Titan Arums only generally bloom once ever 5-12 years (for 2-4 days), so to have one bloom here in the labs is pretty awesome-

-Well, as awesome as it can be when you have a 5 foot flower making the entire floor smell like rotting meat. It's called a corpse flower for a reason- it mimics the smell of corpses to attract beetles for pollination.

The flower laster for about 36 hours before it began to wilt, and the curators decided to cut the flower off to make a museum specimen out of it (pressing and drying it for preservation).

I got to see it 12 hours after it open, and trust me, this thing is HUGE:

(That's the botanical curator- a good 5'10" for comparison.)

By 24 hours it had begun to reclose, and dang if I don't want to make a sculpture in this shape:

For some better pictures and more on the flower, the Gazette had a write up: http://harvardmagazine.com/dispatches/rare-odoriferous-plant-blooms-at-harvard

Inspired by multiple instances in fandoms today... Jul. 11th, 2010 @ 02:09 am
So, since it's apparently now 2007, I wanted to draw these new groovy characters that I like from this show I watch- I'm trying out this "chibi" style that seems the rage...

I think I'll call him ChibiDoc. Wait, nah, that will never catch on.

Anyways, I present to you, "ChibiDoc and Rose explore Fandom".

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» Bwuh?
*Checks the date* How the hell did it become 2007 again? Or are just some people stuck there for their own amusement?

Anyways, I'm drawing this groovy pair from this tv show I just watched. Rose Tyler and some guy called "the Doctor". Wonder if it's related to that show I watched when I was little.
» Another Anonymous Comment Meme...
C'mon, tell me all that nasty crap you've wanted to say for years XD

i've always wanted to tell you...

» The week that shouldn't have been
So this week has been a week I could really have done without. Besides the obvious (which I thank everyone who offered their condolences), it seems all corners of the earth have risen up to give hell.

An ex-coworker of mine (yeah, that one, the one who treated me like shit), had bullied one of my nice coworker into giving him her key to our animal room, and went up there with another volunteer. Since he didn't ask any of the staff in charge of the animal room, (and this coworker has been told not to let him in there), my supervisor confronted him. He took issue with being confronted, and instead made the entire issue about another coworker 'tattling to cause trouble'.

He proceeded to harass said coworker, and basically threw a temper tantrum in the middle of the offices. I had to leave because I couldn't deal with it, and my boss now has a logistics nightmare on her hands. The coworker he bitched about goes to HR at the drop of a hat, and the way he talked to her was worthy taking issue. He seems not to realize he may very well, in trying to get her in trouble, get himself in hot water.

Anyways, between that and trying to keep the party getaway afloat for this weekend (which is still on despite everything because I and my family need the distraction), I've been suffering a major tic in my right eye.

So I then go to check my messages on my work phone, to process the reservations. The second message I have? Is an odd, raspy voice that I've never heard before, and sounds about 85 years old. Said his name was Dale.

Said he heard I was available. Wanting to do something Saturday night. And that he was well hung.

I burst out laughing. I couldn't deal with it, and the absurdity was just too great. (He left a phone number, but I've been too skeeved to listen well enough to write it down).

Can it be next week already?
» Bye Pop.
A some of you may remember that back in February there was a very big touch and go situation with my grandmother (my mother's mother), which led to the doctors to originally assume she had a month at best. But she responded a lot better to treatment, and we now know that she will decide when to go, probably within the next year.

What you might not know is that all of my grandparents are in ill health, and it came back horrifically into focus this afternoon. Both of my father's parents have Parkinson's- I can't tell you exactly how rare it is, but it's apparently only happened in half a dozen couples since the disease was first diagnosed. My grandfather has is the worst; he cannot walk, and can barely move really at all- he takes food via iv so that he can still talk. He also, thanks to numerous hospital visits, has M.R.S.A.

This morning, he was non-responsive when they tried to wake him, and rushed over to St. Luke's medical center. Both of my parents are overseas, and so information was slow to come in, but we finally learned when my aunt got to the hospital that he'd gotten sepsis.

Sepsis (which I know a few of you remember because Keith Olbermann's father died) is something very difficult to treat, so...

3 hours ago they took him off all medications and put him on a morphine drip. He left 20 minutes ago.

I'm glad he's not in pain, and really not aware what happened. It was quick, and it was painless.

And he's gone.
» Twitter News Friending Post!

Twitter Friending Post!

Since certain events have left a good number of folks needing to friend other folks, I thought I could help speed up the process a bit. Post your LJ name and your twitter name, so we can make sure to stay connected beyond the storm.

EDIT: Oh right, I'm jesidres everywhere, and here's a link to my DW.
» What the flying fuck.
If you don't know what I'm talking about here, I suggest to skip this. But had people asked.

Also, a warning: Yes, it's stereotypical, but I'm sick and hormone-y and so this may seem overly harsh. But given the subject and my attempts not just to say "fuck you" and be done with it, I felt I needed put my thoughts in a cohesive order.

You know what, I was actually starting to feel better about the general attitude of a certain community, despite having several people complain and attempt to shut down all discussion, civil or not, having to do with race. I was not saying that anyone was racist- however, I (and quite a few others) were taking issue to the privilege that was being used to shut down people voicing their issue with a very triggery topic.

Then I had a friend who got upset over being put in the middle of the situation, and I linked in her comments a write up about the about why people had taken issue with the original topic, and how it had hurt quite a lot of people. Someone from the second discussion decided to take issue with that:

Cut for the giant wall of TL;DR and raging.Collapse )

And that makes me so incredibly uncomfortable with the community that I really can't be a part of it anymore.

I'm sorry for the friend whose journal this took place, though I suspect she doesn't consider me a friend anymore, and I'm sorry for that, and I can understand her wish to distance herself. I'm not going to respond to the comment in her journal. She doesn't need that.

But as someone much more eloquent that I said:

I really wish people would understand:

1.) Laughing at a racist joke doesn't make you a bad person.

2.) Laughing at a racist joke doesn't even make you a racist person.

3.) Demanding that people not harsh squee by pointing out a joke is racist, on the other hand, shows privilege.

4.) When you don't acknowledge privilege, that is where the problems come in.

And with that, I leave.
» I are be klutz.
I went to New York city this weekend, had a lovely time catching up, had a relatively quick ride back to Boston....

...and then managed to fall down a flight of marble steps in the bus station. Left leg is a mass of bruises and deep scrapes, but no broken bones. And despite carrying my computer, and two bottles of wine... the only thing that broke was my phone. :p
» Mythbusters.
Last night I was very lucky to see Adam Savage and Jaime Hydeman accept the annual Cultural Humanism award from the Harvard Humanism society. It was really neat, even if a little odd (The humanism society introduced themselves and stated they were not anti-religion... and then, well... they could have done worse.)

After their speeches (Adam read his off an iPad) they opened the floor to questions. I managed momentarily to overcome my crippling fear to ask a question:

"In the countless hours of your show, you use and promote the scientific method. Do you have any thoughts or recommendations for teachers, who don't have access to high explosives, to promote it in the classroom?"

They dodged the question slightly, but gave some great answers, even suggesting to look at the small-scale tests they do in the beginnings as possible things in the classroom. Apparently Jaime's wife is a science teacher, so he gave some nice thought.

...and with that said, I'm starting to realize I'm... feeling a bit like I'm acting a bit too much like a silly little fangirl around social networking sites, and I think I'm not doing myself any favors with it. I'm sorry.
» (No Subject)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, swankkat!!!

May your days be relaxing and stress free.
» Sunshine, on my window....
Just realized I haven't posted here in a while.

Things have been rather hectic for me, dealing with family, work, and studio work. I've just really been trying not to let myself think too much lately.

Thank you all for your well wishes- my grandmother's surprised the doctors somewhat by recovering better than expected, but... we're still close to the end. Now, though, it will be more her choice- when she gets tired of the transfusions, we will let her go. At least she's home, and finally able to walk somewhat again.

Work has been a bit of a jumble lately- we had our big festival on the 6th, which I designed the t-shirts for, but the director apparently was less than pleased with the jokey nature of them. Oh well. I have, however, been told I'm officially now having two separate jobs- with two different payscales- of both reservations coordinator and contract teacher. It means when I am teaching, I'm making an extra 3-4 bucks an hour. WHOO.

As for studio, I've been in a mad dash because I'm hoping to have at least 10 of my rice bowls ready to sell at Anime Boston. I'm also working on steampunk jewelry, so we'll see how it goes.

Today was nice though- it was 60 degrees out and I had a nice day of nursing my minor hangover (Ok, so 2 sazeracs, a hemingway daiquiri and half an amaretto sour need more than one bottle of water to balance out), sitting in one of my favorite dresses and actually being comfortable with myself. It doesn't happen often.

I'll be uploading some art in the next few days, so watch this space! But again, thank you all for being such wonderful friends.

Even when you come to visit and my flat mates wonder if I'm sitting in a white van handing out candy to strange children.

» (No Subject)
The doctors say she has a week.

I leave tomorrow to meet up with Mum to say our goodbyes.
» I'm sorry, but this is too funny not to share
A spoof of the Google Superbowl ad.... (and I need all the humor I can get right now).

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

» (No Subject)
They believe my grandmother's suffered a second stroke. She's very weak, and they say there's a good chance that she won't last beyond the month.

I know she's been suffering a lot lately, but... I don't think I'm strong enough for this.

I probably will be quiet for a while.
» Because life is toilet bowl ready already...
Because I'm insecure and wibbly and utterly convinced the Snowcalypse is a lie, I post this.

Am I incredibly shallow with this? You betcha!


» weeeeeeeeeeeeeird
What was the #1 song the day you were born? Google the date and #1 song and then post your #1 song on your LJ - preferably with a Youtube vid if you can find one!

May 3rd, 1982....

US #1: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

UK #1: Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder

*wince* Not an Adam Ant song at least?
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