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Wiki Gray 2008-2011

Wiki passed away last night. I took her to Angell Memorial, where they confirmed my suspicions that she was dehydrated, with a UTI, and anemic from the constant bleeding. He breath was labored, and her heart rate low. She was calm in my arms, giving a feeble effort to snuggle close, but she was out of it. Rather than risk her starving or collapsing on her own, I made the decision to end her suffering.

She was a good little hedgie, right until the end.

Wiki Gray,

Hedgehog- Wiki

Some sad news...

The news isn't good.

Wiki has squamous cell carcinoma. Basically a tumor that is located in her mouth that is inoperable. Best case scenario is a couple of months.

I have not stopped crying since this morning. I corroded my contacts until I couldn't see out of them.

But I have some things to make her more comfortable, and to keep her happy. I'm going to try to make the most of the time we have left.

But man, this is hard. I... I just want her happy snuffly face in my life forever.
Honey & Clover- Bike-ride

what. the. fuck.

To top everything off, the new roomate who was supposed to sign the lease today, finally mentioned that her visa was not going to be renewed, so she wasn't going to move in... one week from her move in date.

Is there some giant target on my back?

Honey & Clover- Bike-ride

Buttons for a Cause

As some of you know, I help snapesgirl34 run Button Me Up!, a button making company that sells a variety of buttons at various conventions along the North East.

Well, we're putting that work to good use.

Helping Japan: Three Charity Buttons to help the people effected by the Tsunami

Each button was designed by a member of the Button Me Up! crew, and all proceeds go to Shelterbox, an awesome relief organization that gives shelter and the basic supplies to help them begin to rebuild.

You can donate in name of others, and we will also be having random giveaways to any who wish to participate.

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I don't know why I bother- you're all only here for my art anyways, I can't fucking draw anymore.

Fuck this shit, I'm stupid for even ever trying to write.

I'll shut up now. You might like me better that way.
Doctor Who- PANIC


I'm sorry for being obsessive, apparently. Life's been kinda awkward for me. In the whirlwind of fandom meetups and dealing with a big shift in a quite of real life friendships, I've been trying to distract myself, and apparently people feel I've been immersing myself in one big event, and they've told me off, probably rightly.

I guess, once again, I can't do anything right.

I spent most of my time with swankkat freaking out that I wasn't doing enough to show her New York and get her destressed about her next big step, when I should have just been having a good time with her. :/ We did have fun getting to be ninjas, though.

If you feel like there's something I've missed, let me know, otherwise, I'm rather boring right now. Most of my artwork, if not for a certain fandom, is for work, so it's kinda sucking my willpower to deal with ...stuff. I really don't have a lot to forward to lately. And some life assesments has left me rather depressed.

So again, I apologize, and try and be a better friend I guess. I owe a lot to a lot of you guys, and I don't want to throw that away. Different opinions or not.