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Signs of A Madwoman

Jessica's Incoherant Blitherings: You have been Warned.

Jess Idres
3 May 1982
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In the beginning, there was boredom. From such darkness came Silliness, Depression, and Meager Drawing Skills. They all took a wrong turn and collided in a 5'5" redhead wandering the streets of Boston, MA. And the world was never really right after that. Oh, It tried to fix it, but It kept missing. Along the way, she was adopted by a tribe of cute-but-dangerous Asians with nothing better to do, taught the ways of cheap cooking and being a general menace to society. Moved on to Graduate School in the field of Corrupting the Future Generations, waiting for her chance to stage a coup d'etat of one of several countries. She now works for a prestigious University (she's not sure how), undoing the damage of Night of the Museum.

Never, EVER, come between her and a drawing surface, or good music; She's trained in Archery, Knife Throwing, some Shooting, and Kicking Men's Arses.

I've begun posting art in a sketchblog over on Dreamwidth: http://jesidres.dreamwidth.org/

Other art can be seen at http://jesidres.deviantart.com